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DELAWEN(1)                                 GIS Expert                                  DELAWEN(1)


delawen – geographic information systems expert


delawen [OPTION]…


Delawen is a gis expert. She can program, analyze, design and help you on whatever geographic information system need you have. She’s specialized on libre software and  data.

-j, –java

Java Developer

-js, –javascript

Maps over web. AngularJS included.

-md –metadata

Data, metadata and metacats.

-pg, –postgresql

Administer and programming against postgreSQL and its extension postGIS.

-h2, –h2database

If a lightweight database needed (like on Android), she can also use the spatial extension of h2database.


Management of OpenStreetMap data or free gis data available around the world.


Original idea and redacted by María Arias de Reyna


Report bugs to delawen who you can find on gmail


Copyright © 2018.

This is free data: you are free to redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


The full documentation for marias is maintained as a curriculum vitae.

DELAWEN(1)                                 October2018                                DELAWEN(1)

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