Public Appearances

Here are some examples of previous public appearances in events and conferences. These are only a small cherry picked set of all the talks I have given through the years.

For example, on 2018 and 2019 I gave several talks about the Impostor Syndrome and how to overcome it.

Impostor Syndrome Overview

During my years working for the geospatial domain (2007~2019), I had a wide range of talks from lightning talks to workshops. The following was a Keynote for the FOSS4G 2017.

Spatial Data Infrastructures for Everyone

I like divulgative easy to watch talks that compress a lot of information in a few minutes. Like the following talk as the opening keynote in FOSS4G 2019.

OSGeo: Your Open Source Compass. How to Survive a Zombie Kitten Apocalypse.

In addition, I have a wide range of topics for public appearances, which you can find on the Events and Presentations page.

If you want me on your event as a speaker, you can contact me.