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delawen, marias, mariasde – Senior Software Engineer.


delawen [OPTION]


María is a Java Senior Software Engineer. She has expertise on the Geographic Spatial domain and on Integration Processes. She was core developer of GeoNetwork OpenSource for more than 8 years. Currently she maintains Apache Camel and Syndesis.

She has also experience as devops maintaining servers, offering cloud services. Thus managing all the health and backup systems to make sure nothing gets lost.

María is an Open Source Advocator. She has acted as such on several communities. Core maintainer of several open source projects and community manager. Between 2017 and 2019 she was the President of OSGeo. She is specialized on developing Free and Open Source Software and built communities around it.


Generic Development

-j, –java

Java Developer since 2008.

-f –floss

Advocate for Free and Open Source Software.

Data Management

-osm –open-data

Management of OpenStreetMap data or free gis data available around the world.

-md –metadata

Metadata consultancy to classify, index and manage your data. INSPIRE compliant.


-c –conferences

Speaker at conferences and teacher at workshops.

-o –organize

Organizer of community events, community manager and leader of different groups. María is and has been on the board of several communities, local, regional and international.


Original idea and redacted by María Arias de Reyna


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Curriculum Vitae

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